3.5 Miles 30+ Exciting Obstacles

JAX FL.ROC benefiting 26.2 with Donna

AUGUST 18, 2012

 Potential obstacles you may encounter on this adventure. We are always upgrading the course.

  • Mud Leap                   
  • Military Wall            
  • Mud Crawl           
  • Fence Hurdle           
  • Hurdles                 
  • Fence Bound
  • Triple By-pass Water Trudge
  • A River Runs Thru It              
  • Surprise             
  • Charlotte's Web           
  • Over/Unders        
  • Tire Stutter Step
  • Balance Poles              
  • Troll Bridge
  • Mud Leap             
  • Hay Bail Hustle         
  • Mud Pit               
  • Military Wall               
  • Water Bridge          
  • Rope Pull
  • Victory Wall       
  • Finish Line           
  • Beer Line

Race Details

3.5 Miles 30+ Exciting Obstacles


The FL.ROC Running Obstacle Challenge is trying to create an action packed fun filled event that challenges all levels of fitness, from your avid runner to your everyday resident.  The goal is to go out and safely conquer the course and have a blast, while knowing that we are raising money to FINISH BREAST CANCER.

The FL.ROC has linked up with 26.2 with Donna (Local Breast Cancer Awareness Organization) and is striving to make a difference for those fighting the disease now and in the future, and finding a Cure to finally finish breast cancer.

With your help, we can all make that difference!  There is a Mandatory Pledge of $50 per participant that will go directly to 26.2 with Donna to Finish Breast Cancer.  We feel that most people have or know someone that has been affected by this disease and feel that there is no better time then NOW to put an end to it.

Help us raise funds and awareness about Breast Cancer, while having an absolute blast!

For additional information of 26.2 with Donna visit: www.breastcancermarathon.com

Race Location:

Diamond D Training and Boarding Stable
5901 Solomon Road
Jacksonville, FL 32234


3.5 miles filled with mud, sand, dirt and water.  You experience everything this course has to offer with 30 + obstacles spread throughout.

Race Pricing:*

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Keep Me Posted:

*In addition to Registration, there is a Mandatory Pledge of $50 that will go directly to help Finish Breast Cancer through the 26.2 with Donna Organization.  Please see the fund-raising page for ideas and suggestions on how easy it is to raise at least $50 for a great cause.








12:00 noon

Waves are capped at 200 racers

We will do our best to get you into the wave of your choice.  We might contact you to change your time if the circumstance arises.

The COMPETITIVE WAVE is available for those who want to race against other Competitive participants, are taking this event serious, and are striving for the best possible clock time.  Registering in this heat will allow you to position yourself within the field to eliminate extending waiting times at obstacles which may occur when you catch non-competitive, FUN seeking participants from earlier waves.  

If you are in a later wave there is a chance you may catch participants from earlier waves that are just out having FUN which might cause you to have to wait for an obstacle.  

If you are racing for FUN, please choose a later wave and do not register in the Competitive Waves.

You can still qualify to win Sweet Awards even if you aren't in the Competitive Waves, you may just have to go through other participants to do so.

If waves fill up fast, and we have a feeling that they will; additional waves may open up.  Keep posted on the website regarding any additional wave openings.

Packet Pickup:

Pre-Packet pickup will be available: "TBA". Also, Day of Packet Pick-Up will be available for everyone.  We will have a registration tent where you will check in and get your packets.  Make sure you arrive at least an hour early to give yourself plenty of time to check in and warm up before your wave.

Race goes rain or shine. Race Promoters do have the option to postpone or cancel the races if the weather is too dangerous to hold the event.

There are absolutely NO refunds.


You must be 14 years old day of race to participate.  If Racer is under 18 years old then a Parent or Guardian must sign their race Waiver.


We are known for having some of the BEST AWARDS in the Industry.  If you don't believe us, come out and win one and be your own judge.

There are plenty of chances to win one.

 Awards giving out are for both male and female categories.

  • Top 3 overall finishers for Male and Female
  • 14-18
  • 19-24
  • 25-29
  • 30-34
  • 35-39
  • 40-44
  • 45-49
  • 50-54
  • 55-59
  • 60+
  • Men's Teams
  • Co-Ed Teams
  • Women's Teams
As for the Team Awards, in each category (Men's, Women's, Co-Ed) the top 3 Teams will win awards (5 awards each).  Teams are scored by the time of their 5th Finisher across the Finish Line.  This is not the average of the top 5 participants, but the actual time of the 5th runner.  Therefore, stick together and help each other conquer the course as fast as possible.  Also, members of a TEAM, Will NOT be scored in the Individual Results.  They are scored as a member of the team, and although they will have their own Chip Time, they will be positioned in the results by the 5th member of their Team.

Registering as a Team (TWO OPTIONS):

This year there are two options for Teams:

1. Competitive Team (5 Runners Total) - Competitive Team Wave

2. Fun Team (Unlimited Number) - Any wave besides the Competitive Waves

Competitive Team

Competitive Teams will be made up of 5 racers and 5 racers only.  Like mentioned above, the team will be scored by the 5th racer across the Finish Line.  Competitive Teams will be the second wave to go off that day, with only the Individual Competitive Wave in front of it.  These teams should be made up of people who are striving for the victory and worried about achieving the fastest possible clock time.  Again, each team member will have an individual chip time, but will be scored by the 5th runner to cross the line, NOT the average of the 5 team members.  Due to the fact that there are limited spaces in the Competitive Team Wave, during registration the Team Captain will need to know all of their teammates, and will pay for the team in one payment.  This guarantees one of the limited spots in this wave.

Fun Team 

Fun Teams are just that: a group of people who are out to just have an absolute blast on the course.  Camaraderie and Memories are much more important than the finishing time on the clock.  With that said, FUN Teams can still qualify to win Team Awards and will be scored the same way (the time of the 5th racer to cross the finish line).  In summary, a Fun Team can have Unlimited Team Members yet still qualify to win Team Awards, they will simply be scored by the time of the 5th runner to cross the finish line regardless if the team has 5 or 35 participants. (Teams will ONLY receive 5 Awards regardless of Team Size or if they are registered as a Competitive or Fun Team.)The difference with a Fun Team is there can be an unlimited number of participants on one team.  The Captain will set up the Team Name and Information and pay for themselves, then team members can join that team on their own terms (registration date, wave time, etc.)

Again, if you chose to partake on a Team (Competitive or FUN) you will be scored in the team categories: Male, Female, Co-Ed and will not qualify to win an Individual Award.


Please follow the link to the Fund-raising Page and get that set up.  There is a mandatory Pledge of $50 per participant that will need to be collected before any packet can/will be distributed.  We are striving to make a difference to FINISH BREAST CANCER!


Registering as a Single Racer: (TWO OPTIONS)

This year there are two options for Single Racers:

1. Competitive Wave

2. Fun (Open) Waves

Competitive Wave

The Competitive Wave will be the first wave of the day: 9:00 am.  You should sign up for this wave if you are seeking the best possible clock time and are amped about testing your skills and endurance against the other elites that toe the starting line. Due to the fact that there are limited spaces in the Competitive  Wave, we urge that you sign up early as the limited spots will fill up FAST.

Fun (Open) Waves 

The Fun (Open) Waves are for everyone else planning on going out and just having a great time, building long lasting memories, taking amazing pictures, challenging friends and family members, dressing up and not necessarily worrying about the clock time.  But, if you missed the Competitive Wave because it filled up, or wanted to start in a later wave with friends and family, this does not take you out of the running for the awards.  In fact, many times participants from later waves end up winning awards, if not the Overall award.

Believe it or not, most people choose to sign up for a Fun (Open) Wave as opposed to the Competitive Wave.  But we will leave the decision up to you.  


Please follow the link to the Fund-raising Page and get that set up.  There is a mandatory Pledge of $50 per participant that will need to be collected before any packet can/will be distributed.  We are striving to make a difference to FINISH BREAST CANCER!


Fundraising page:

Please follow the link to the Fundraising Page to see how easy it really is.  They have lots of easy to do tips and suggestions on how to raise money to help FINISH BREAST CANCER.

Driving Directions:

For best driving directions go to Google Maps and type in:

Diamond D Training and Boarding Stable

5901 Solomon Road 

Jacksonville, FL 32234. 

We find this gives you the best directions to the Course Location.  See Map below.


Additional Questions:

If you have additional questions, please check out our FAQs.
If that didn't solve your problem, send us a quick email: contact@fl-roc.com